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Brillant solutions for perfect surfaces: the products from the market leader - now also in the joke shop!

Whether grinding, lapping, milling, polishing, deburring, welding or cleaning is involved: the whole world of surface finishing opens up to you with our top-quality products. joke Technology (formerly Joisten & Kettenbaum) has been the leading specialist in the field of surface technology for 75 years now. With immediate effect, our high quality products are now also available in the joke online shop, where joke Technology offers you the best and most comprehensive range in the surface sector. Depending on requirements, our offer provides you your basic tools for surface processing or gives the final touch to your company equipment.

Take just more than a quick glance at our comprehensive range. Here you will find more than 8000 products with which you can process and perfect your surfaces to the highest standards. The major part of our product portfolio is available immediately and will often be in your workshop already on the day after ordering. Highest quality, competent consultancy and excellent service are guaranteed with the market leader, joke Technology. Welcome to the joke online shop!

In our shop, you will find:

  • Drive systems and handpieces: our broad range of articles includes handpieces and angle handpieces for the ENESKA systems in addition to joke Premium Plus and jokeFlex Power. Furthermore, we offer you ultrasound systems, electric motor systems, flexible shaft systems, pneumatic systems, polishing machines, compressed-air grinders, hand-filing machines from Diprofil and the tucadur® 2020 carbide coating device. Our products help you achieve success when working in the areas of grinding, milling, polishing or filing.
  • Grinding and polishing tools: joke provides you all-round equipment for your work in the areas of grinding, lapping and polishing. Among our wide range, you will find lapping and polishing compounds, rubbers and fluids, felts and cloths, lapping tools, polishing brushes and buffs, grinding points, rubber-bonded grinding media, grinding and polishing stones, ceramic fibre tools and emery and fleece tools, in addition to ultrasonic tools. Our joke Magic lapping and polishing compounds in particular enjoy an excellent reputation. We do of course also carry famous brands such as Boride or Gesswein.
  • Diamond and CBN tools: for the special final touch: the extremely hard grinding tools made of diamond and CBN allow you to grind, lap and deburr even the most robust surfaces. joke offers you grinding points and deburring tools made of diamond and CBN, abrasive discs, abrasive sheets and abrasive films made of diamond, in addition to diamond dressers, diamond cut-off discs and diamond files. Diamond hand lappers, diamond files and diamond cup wheels, in addition to reamers and various special tools made of diamond or CBN are to be found in our online shop.
  • Machining tools: let you successfully work any material: joke offers you high-performance milling points for all surfaces. Our range of steel needle files, steel riffle files and mechanic's files always contains the right tool for filing by hand or using a filing machine. Our range includes hand filing machines from the DIPROFIL® series, the ENESKA systems and Turbolap. Our hand deburrers and deburring blades are available for your deburring tasks.
  • Cleaning systems: you will find the right solutions for your cleaning tasks with us. Our range covers the whole spectrum of industrial parts cleaning. Our joke BioCleaner for solvent-free cleaning is available here, in addition to a wide array of our systems for ultrasonic cleaning - ranging from the joke Basic-Clean single-frequency device including the joke Multi-Clean multiple-frequency devices in the standard and premium versions, to the joke Flex-Line modular cleaning system. We naturally also offer you the suitable cleaning agents. This keeps everything thoroughly clean.
  • Blasting systems: our injector blasting systems and pressure blasting systems ensure you apply the right pressure to your surfaces. The joke blasting systems cover the whole spectrum of possible tasks involving surface blasting. Our comprehensive blasting shot assortment includes plastic granulate, mixed grit, glass beads, ceramic beads, hard blasting shot, ruby, silicon carbide, corundum and walnut shells.
  • Welding: our products achieve firm bonds. Whether repair, TIG, pulse, MIG or laser welding is involved: we provide you comprehensive equipment for real welding work. We offer you the joke multiSpot welding system including accessories, the joke Alu-MASTER aluminium welding device or the joke easyWIG welding device, plus a flexible arm system and compact stereo microscopes in addition to the right welding fillers. Since precision counts, we offer you the D-Open series laser welding systems and the joke mobile laser welding systems. We also of course supply you the necessary accessories and the matching joke Fill welding fillers.
  • Lapping: here is how to achieve really smooth surfaces: with the HELICAL LAP-series lapping tools, you can produce the desired texture both internally and externally. HELICAL LAP provides you the right lapping medium carriers for all lapping media. Whether joke Magic or Hyprez® diamond compounds, you will find that we offer you a wide selection of lapping media. We also supply you lapping sticks made of wood or Plexiglas, in addition to lapping rubbers, wooden lapping sticks, the Dipo lapping compounds and lapping rings in addition to lapping tools made of wood or in the joke Magic LAP variant. 
    Furthermore, you can obtain from us a wide range of single-plate lapping machines tailored to your requirements and likewise lapping machine accessories such as lapping plates, compensation discs, carrier discs, hand weights, contact pressure devices, conditioning rings, spraying units, lapping medium dispensing devices, etc., etc...
    Zudem erhalten Sie hier bei uns eine Vielzahl an Einscheiben-Läppmaschinen ganz nach Ihren Wünschen und Anforderungen ebenso wie Läppmaschinen-Zubehör wie Läppscheiben, Ausgleichsscheiben, Trägerscheiben, Handgewichte, Andruckvorrichtungen, Abrichtringe, Sprüheinheiten, Läppmittel-Dosierungseinrichtungen und vieles mehr.
  • Workplace systems: we offer you a comprehensive range of workshop equipment for your "made by joke" and also to a great extent "made in Germany" workplace. Our workplace systems combine the requirements in terms of your working practice with the very latest findings in terms of ergonomy. Here you will find, among other items, chairs, tables and tripods, in addition to workplace lighting systems, microscopes, measuring devices, inspection devices and aspiration units. Furthermore, many products for marking, gluing, securing and repairing are included as well as for protecting your hands, ears and eyes and relating to occupational protection such as gloves, protective goggles, hearing protection, breathing protection and the like. 
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