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Why we take care of repairs “in our own home”
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Repairs are nearly always a nuisance, either because the “patient” is out of action for a while or because it always costs time and often money as well to carry out repair work. In order to reduce these costs substantially, we have further improved our repair service so that “hospital times” will be much shorter in future. The “diagnosis” and the cost estimate will be produced and sent to our customers more quickly. The equipment rental service will provide a replacement promptly and without complications for a predefined period of time. The working time and the cost of repairs will be presented in the invoices in greater detail and in a more readily comprehensible form in future.

All in all it is our aim that, if repair work is unavoidable, you should suffer as little “nuisance” and incur as little cost as possible. We are always grateful for suggested improvements and for criticism as well.


Here you´ll get all information about our repair service:



Herr Barthel Departure Repair Service    
 Anke Peters  
 joke Technology GmbH  
 Asselborner Weg 14-16  
 D - 51429 Bergisch Gladbach  
 Tel.: +49 (0) 22 04 / 8 39 -38    
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